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With a combined 35+ years of experience in the electronic transactions industry, TK Financial is a white label platform centered on the transfer of funds. By staying flexible and focusing on easy integration, TK Financial's technology and services can be merged with a wide range of business verticals.

Accessed solely via license, TK Financial is able to meet the specific needs of more clients, while streamlining its technological advancements according to the demand of various markets worldwide.

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TK Financial offers a multitude of functions to make your experience painless and efficient. From security measures, to account management tools, alerts and mobile access, everything has been ensured to create a new worldwide universal standard of transferring cash and electronic money to anyone, anywhere.

Manage Your Account

The TK Financial platform uses a simple and direct interface to manage your account. Apart from basic information fields, the history section at the bottom helps in managing transfers and contacts categorized by account, with the capacities to add, remove, and modify them.

Stay Safe & Secure

TK Financial is hosted on dedicated secure servers and protected against online fraud protection with bank level encryption technology, optional biometric identity verification and real-time transaction monitoring. This serves to ensure the account information and data is always secure and remains confidential.

Send & Request Funds

TK Financial's main functions are easy to access and simple to execute. Funds are transferred directly and instantly from your TK Financial account to your contact's account or to and from your bank account, if you choose to link one. Options to delay a transfer as well as receipt and currency options make for a universal tool that can be used around the world.

Manage Your Network

TK Financial lets you pay anyone online through your contact network, from professional, personal, friends, family, and more; all within a customized environment dedicated to your particular needs. Invitations are easy and fast to send to a simple email address. Build your network as large as you want to transfer funds whenever you need to whoever you want.

Stay Up-to-Date

The TK Financial web platform offers a complete alert and notification system. These will let you know if your account is low on funds, if one of your contacts sends or requests money from you, if someone wants to add you as a contact and much more. Being up-to-date with your account means more transparency and less worrying.

Go Mobile

TK Financial offers a wide range of applications and mobile access solutions. From native iPhone and Android to web apps, TK Financial is always available on the go and include a complete list of functions found on the web platform. In addition, TK Financial will soon be available via dedicated tablet applications on the iOS and Android platforms.



TK Financial has the ability to filter, manage and enrich large data streams, through various key partnerships. Online reporting for administrative groups is done securely, through a multitude of interfaces, from web to mobile.


TK Financial has the ability to enable biometric protocols to provide secure access to all types of services. This technology has been developed specifically to do without the need to be close to an IT or dedicated environment or device for enrollment or identification phases. Passwords are a thing of the past, with an easy end-user experience that is highly encrypted and government certified.


TK Financial can manage various accounts for adding users, creating multiple logins and access points, as well as assigning specific privileges at the administrative level. A unique ID is generated for each transaction, while never storing sensitive data, with the use of a series of strong, encrypted RSA and AES algorithms.

Corner Concept

The "Corner" is a completely dedicated interface for urban environments with the capacity to provide any TK Financial service to multiple industries such as catering or retail. The "Corner" is meant to fit within a small space and is fully integrated to payment, storage management and customer loyalty programs.

Cash Corner Interface Demo


The Kiosk v1.0 is a highly customizable, carbon-fiber based point of interaction.

The Kiosk is able to serve as the key access point to optimize sales through easy access to money transfer, basic information, promotions, advertising campaigns, and much more.

Kiosk Overview
Kiosk Technical Overview
Kiosk Interface Demo
The Kiosk v1.0 is a copyright of Verso International, Inc. 2014.


The mobile tablet is one of the best solutions for portability and performance with handwriting recognition and the capability of internet connection from anywhere.

TK Financial adapts its technology to the need of the client and market at hand, and is able to respond with native apps or mobile web when required.

Android and iOS applications coming soon.


All of TK Financial’s software is designed to run on any smartphone, from iOS to Android, Windows Mobile or Java. By staying flexible with its development process, TK Financial can answer the needs of the user directly, on a project per project basis, using the absolute best solutions possible.

To access the iOS application, please contact us at

Android application coming soon.


TK Financial’s web platforms have been developed to be efficient, user friendly, highly secure and entirely customizable to a particular service. A simple layout, void of clutter and needless distractions allow for rapid transactions and facilitates a versatile environment.

End User Interface Demo

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